Now This Is Love

It’s been a while since Dena and Alex’s family have all come together, at one time, and it’s not for a holiday. Of all times for Dena to twist her ankle; however, undaunted, she still tries to prepare the family dinner.

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Now This Is Love.  I can’t believe we’re sitting here eating all of this junk when Momi has prepared all of this food. (Chica)

You know….right? What’s up with this? (Brandi)As long as Abuela has her baby, I’m ok. Isn’t that right Tara? (Dena) Yeah, why are you guys eating that junk while I’m cooking my behind off….or was before I twisted this ankle? (Dena)

Momi loves cooking for you all so don’t overeat. But then again, I could use a bite myself. (Alex)

f he'll give you one of his. (Brandi)

Whoa…I'll thank you not to offer my grub woman. (Brad)  That’s kinda funny since you got it from MY freezer! (Alex)

How about that Love. You all please make sure you’re keeping an eye on my pots. (Dena)They’re doing good Momacita. We’ve got this…you just rest. (Brandi)

Yo Popi, I meant that “I” wanted to be the one to offer you this delicious dog.” (Brad) Thanks Brandipoo…I know it’s all good. (Dena)

I thought that’s what you meant Bradley..I just wanted to hear YOU clarify this. (Alex) they all laugh  Everybody’s eating except you and I Tara Baby. (Dena)  Where’s mine? I want to eat too Daddy! (Tara)  See Brad… That’s what being a daddy is all about. Unconditional love and continuous giving. Hill you are an outstanding father and I admire the man you’ve become. (Alex)

Popi, coming from you, that is the highest praise I could ever gain. I learned from the absolute best! (Hill) No longer able to keep still, Dena attempts to resume her family duties. When her husband sees her on her foot, he rushes to her side.Batido de chocolate what are you doing up? Come. Let’s get you off of that foot. It is now time for you to let us care for you. Love, don’t you know that I can’t stand to see you in pain? Let me hold you my sweet chocolate. (Alex)    I can’t wait until the day that God sends my forever love. Lord where is he and why doesn’t he come? I’m sooooo lonely for a true love. I’m so desperate that I don’t trust myself and my instincts anymore. (Chica) Look over there…That’s true love and dedication. That’s our definition and example of lasting love.  We don’t need the corruption and trash in movies and on TV….no, we have the real deal right in front of us. (Hill)    Listen baby sis, the right man is out ther for you. You don’t have to be impatient or lustful, or lonely…no…just stay cool and live a good life until he finds you. I know, and I’m sure Brad will say the say the same thing….when you find your queen, you find the best part of yourself. (Hill)

You’re 100 percent righ big brother. When I found my queen in Brandi, that’s all she wrote. Baby girl, just wait for “him” whoever he is…..And trust me, none of us will let you get burned ’cause we love you. (Brad)  Brandi, do you hear those gorgeous men?! That’s my man laying down some truth. God I love that man. (Ashanti)

Yeah girl. Brad makes me want to scoop him up and run for home! Oh my my, I hear you ’cause I love my man too. (Brandi)

See, THAT’S what I want too. Thanks Everbody; I know I’m in good hands. (Chica)      Feeling the love, the siblings and their wives sit around the table sharing advice and wisdom with their young sister Chica, while keeping an eye on the dinner. After all is said and done, little Tara makes an announcement which amuses everyone.

I’m not getting married until I’m this old and I’m marrying Daddy! (Tara)

Stay tuned for part 2……

See the full RealTimes video at this link: Now This Is Love

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