It’s All In My Love’s Eyes

Today is Thanksgiving Day and finally, the whole family will be together. At last, Alex and Dena are getting to meet their newest family members,  Ayeleo and Lorraine, the newlywed wives of Alex’s younger brothers, Miguel and Santana, respectively. 
Join the family in the dining room, as they get to know and enjoy one another before the rest of the family arrives for dinner.
See the full length VideoStory at theis link: It’s All In My Love’s Eyes
  Santana, I must say that you and Miguel have found the most stunningly beautiful women on that entire ship! Ladies, you are both lovely. (Alex)

Yes, my love. They are absolutely gorgeous! (Dena)  My brother, truer words could not have been spoken. When we I first saw my jewel, I was smitten at first sight. Her grace and sheer magnificence filled the entire room which we were going in. (Santana) Lorraine begins to blush, hearing all of the kind words spoken about her.    Ah yes, brother, I too was weakened the very first time that I laid eyes  upon my exotic flower. When she reached out her delicate hand and spoke with the voice of an angel, I was totally mesmerized and helplessly in love from that very moment. (Miguel)

(Spoken in her Nigerian accent) But my love, do not forget that I also was totally swept into your love from the moment that I saw you. It was as if God Himself was saying to me, “This is the man I am sending to you. You must capture his heart is immediately!” (Ayeleo)Well now…it is apparent that you all love one another deeply and that your unions were meant to be. It is good for us to celebrate the loves with whom God has blessed us. Today, we have much to give thanks for. How fitting that the holiday should be today. Come, my brothers; let me talk to you. (Alex)    Alex sits down and his brothers eagerly join him. Meanwhile, the ladies hurriedly convene together.       Brothers, look at us…today we are happily married and deeply in love. This is exactly what our dear parents so desperate longed for before they left us. Now tell me, what are your plans? Where will you reside? I can only hope and pray that you both will consider remaining right in my beloved hometown. (Alex)

Alex, my dear brother. You are always so concerned about the whereabouts of your little brothers. Since the passing of our father, you have assumed his role as naturally as you breath. Well, our “father”, you’ll be happy to know that we have all decided to remain right here in your beloved Brenova Town. As a matter of fact, we have a grand surprise for you and our sister. (Santana)

Yes Alex, you will be overjoyed with our news. (Miguel)

Why do you taunt me. Tell me before my hear explodes right here in my chest! (Alex)    What do you think Miguel, should we wait for the coranary or should we let him in on our news? (Santana)

I like him Santá; let’s not kill him. (Miguel)

You two are cruel and impossible! So tell me now! (Alex)  Dena, I, no we are so glad to have become apart of this family. You have made us feel as though we have been one of you for a long, long time! We were so concerned that Alex would not agree or like his brothers marrying without his blessing. (Lorraine)

Yes, my dear. Miguel and Santana had us extremely frightened; however, once we made our acquaintances, our fears and trepidation melted like snow in the dessert. You have been kind and loving and I am truly grateful and humbled to be a Rodriguez wife. (Ayeleo)

Ayeleo, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Dena, you are a dream to have as a sister. (Lorraine)

Oh my goodness; you two are going to have me crying in here. It is I who am overjoyed to have a sister, finally. And not one but two! I have longed for a sister to share my life and to do all the things that sisters do and now you’re here. I only pray that you all can settle down right here. It’d break my and Alex’s hearts if you had to leave us again. (Dena)  Well Sis, you’ll be happy to know that we have a major surprise for you. Our guys want to tell you when we’re all together and I can’t wait! I’m about to burst with excitement! (Lorraine)

Yes! It is most exciting and I too am boiling in anticipation! (Ayeleo)

With that, the ladies each find their way to be with their respective husbands. The crescendo of excitement fills the entire room as Alex and Dena await the anticipated announcement.

For goodness sakes…..out with it! My love and I can’t take it anymore! (Alex) Dena is in aggressive agreement with her husband.  Miguel and Ayeleo embrace from their excitement as Santana begins to talk.   Well Alex and Dena, as we have said, we have exciting news for you. We, and our lovely wives, are pleased to inform you that we’ve decided to reside right here in your hometown. Not only have we decided….we, as couples, have each purchased homes right here in this very neighborhood. (Santana)  Overjoyed by the announcement, Alex and Dena could hardly contain themselves. Brother, you would not dare to toy with out delicate emotions by telling us a story such as this, if it were not true, would you?  Please say this is real and not one of my brothers youngster pranks! Please tell me this is my dream coming true. (Alex)

Big brother, you can rest assured that we are telling the absolute truth. We would never be so cruel as to get your hopes high and then to dash them upon a stone. No, we are 100% residents of Brenova Town. (Santana) But how did you accomplish this while you were on your luxurious escapade?  You were on the other side of the world….and quite busy getting betrothed……how did you do this? (Alex)

Well, it was Miguel and his good friend and real estate agent/developer who orchestrated everything. They, and the excellence of technology,  allowed us to locate and explore homes as if we were walking through each one. We were able to design our choices both inside and out and we worked with a designerwho did everything by the time we got stateside. Her name is Brianna Kennedy and I think the name of her firm is “Samani Na Zaidi” – It all went phenomenally smoothly. We, all four of us, are quite pleased with our new abodes. (Santana) The other three readily agree with Santana’s assessment. 

Dena’s eyes fills with tears. Alex rises from his chair and softly caresses her head and puts his arm around her. To happy to express themselves, they stand there looking at their brothers and their wives. Knowing how happy they have made their elder brother and sister, the other couples start playfully enjoying the moments.                             LATER THAT DAY…….

The entire family joins in to celebrate their Thanksgiving dinner. Also in attendance is Benabe Otunde, the younger brother of Miguel’s wife, Ayeleo. 

Seated directly across the table from one another, as soon as Benabe and Chica’s eyes meet, electricity draws them toward one another. The attraction is so strong that Dena, seated between the two, senses something special is playing out. Careful not to interfere, she uses wisdom to orchestrate the fledgling attraction. Eventually, with the cleverness of a mother and a learned woman, she alerts the rest of the family to the beautiful yet instantaneous attraction which is going on. 

Unbeknownst to her parents and the rest is of the family, with the exception of Brandy, it was the smooth workings of Uncle Miguel and his wife Ayeleo, who were responsible for the budding romance. Convinced that the two young people would hit it off, they made sure to corral the two together during the family gathering. Their suspicions are now being confirmed.

Eventually, Alex informs the rest of the family about the wonderful surprise he and their mother had received. All were extremely elated but no one more than Chica, when she learned that Benabe would be residing in Brenova Town with his sister, while he completed his university studies. Her heart fluttered at the possibility of getting to better know the gorgeous man who was now looking deeply into her eyes. Could he finally be her “Forever Love” in the flesh? 

Stay tuned to see how the two young people get to know one another in part 2 entitled “The First Time Ever” coming soon.

Enjoy the following photos taken at the family dinner.   


5 thoughts on “It’s All In My Love’s Eyes

  1. Beautiful setting as always! I love your table set. Did you make it? What about the chairs? I am thinking about make some Julianna and Jabari’s wedding. I love how you show so much love with your families.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Vickey. Please forgive me for taking so long to respond. I was rather busy for the holiday. Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes…I made the table but not the foods. The chairs are from the dollhouse furniture from Walmart. They come in a set with 2 chairs, 2 stools, a table and a bistro table for the stools. They come purple but I spray painted them black. The set costs $5.00


  2. Love your dining room. Would love to know how you made the small globe aquariums, how you made the table and where you found those great chairs…. oh also the small candles. I’ve seen some like the silver ones on the table at the dollar store before, but have never seen any as small as the ones you put in your china cabinet. Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi again Vicki. I sent you a bunch of info a few days ago about the chairs. I got them from Walmart from their dollhouse collection. They came 2 in a package with a table and 2 stools and a bistro table. The set is $5. I bought 6 sets over time because I needed 12 chairs. They were purple and I sprayed them black. I made the table by using three of the tables from the walmart sets placed side by side then topped with a piece of black wood like material. All of the candles came from the Dollar Tree Store. The globe fish aquariums came from the Dollar store many many years ago. I may have more but it was a long time ago. I’ll check. Thanks so much for following my blog; I really appreciate that. Blessings.


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