The First Time Ever

At long last, Chica has possibly found her forever love in the person of Benabe Otunde-the brother of her new aunt Ayeleo. 

Who would have thought that her love would be seated across from her at the family Thanksgiving dinner. The electricity and attraction is strong. The couple spends the evening, after dinner, to get to know one another better. Join the couple the next evening, as they go on their first dat to the jazz club “Leppardz”

To get Chica’s entire backstory,  check out the PhotoStories “Now This Is Love”, “Brotherly Love: I’ll Be There “, and “The Heads Up Hair Salon.” Be sure to always fallow the links to the stories’ PhotoVideos. 

 See the full RealTimes VideoStory at this link: The First Time Ever  


2 thoughts on “The First Time Ever

    1. Thanks My Dear! She’s convinced that he’s her guy. I think her dress came on another doll but I’m not sure. It is cute though. This is one of my hubby’s favorite dios because he thought they looked like they were enjoying themselves.


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