Joanna, I Love You

Joanna Gladiator is a”One in a million woman” and any man would love to spend a lifetime with her – one in particular. Joanna is fiercely independent but hopelessly in love with the man of her dreams. What is holding her back from the life and love of her heart? Only time will tell.

Joanna loves her three pooches – Lolo, Charm and MarshMella – and they love her right back. After a day of intense shopping, there’s nothing like resting with the girls. Her bestie MarshMella brings her mama her bags. Sweet.

Stay tuned to see where Joanna is headed and to meet the man who’s singing about his love, Joanna, in an upcoming DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova PhotoStory and PhotoVideo.

To see the full PhotoVideo of this story, click here: Joanna

Btw….all furnishings and accessories are from the #Goodwill – even the doggies and Joanna’s outfit (not Joanna though). Oh and my granddaughter gave her the last name “Gladiator”.


3 thoughts on “Joanna, I Love You

    1. Thanks Lovee. I do love the pups!! I’ve recently started using the carousel horses in more dioramas. Stay tune tomorrow to meet Joanna’s love.


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