Last Day Agony: Tax Day

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Why in the world did I wait til the last day to file these ripoff taxes?! (Lynnelle)


Lynn! Lynn! I’ve been waiting for you to call me back. What are you doing? We’re supposed to be going to the courts. Girl don’t tell me you’re doing your taxes today! I can’t! (Rolonda)

Ok big mouth-I won’t tell you! Don’t start with me because I’m about to explode and I know we DON’T want to go there! (Lynnelle)


Calm down miss thang…we cut from the same cloth so chill. You’re probably having a carb overload too. Girl whatchu do-clean out your entire snack cabinet? You’re freakin high on junk and aspirins. And why do you have all of your credit cards splayed out here? (Rolanda)

If you must know, I totally forgot about filing these awful taxes until today. I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch this afternoon, cause of my buffalo butt manager, so I’m starving. I have PMS and I need to get some furniture and stuff for this new house you talked me into buying! *starting to cry* (Lynnelle)

Hey Sis-it’s alright. You don’t have to cry. You know your baby sister has your back. Remember, ride or die baby-ride or die. What can I help you with? How about you finish your taxes and then We can do some retail therapy. We can check out some furniture stores too. Cool? (Rolanda)

Thanks baby girl. That sounds like a a plan. I’m sorry. You know I be trippin sometimes. Uhh you buying? (Lynnelle)

Girl pa-lease. Not as long as you’ve got a table full of credit cards Sistah. LOL (Rolanda)

You Scooped Me:

With her nightmare over, Lynnelle treats her sister to their favorite ice cream shop “You Scooped Me.” Shop owner and longtime family friend, Rainbo Sweets (yes that’s her birth name) is glad to see the duo.

(Pic 1-3)

Girl, let me get this thing to the post office when we leave. They have folks standing outside to take care of it. (Lynnelle)

I don’t know why you didn’t do them online-and earlier. (Rolanda)

Don’t you start on me again or I’ll whip your…(Lynnelle)

So touchy..So not a good look on you beautiful. *They both start laughing. Lynnelle glances over to see her realtor locked passionately in the arms of, she assumes, her man and says nothing to interrupt them*

(Pic 4-8)

Hey Mamas; what can I get you, the usual?(Rainbo)

You know it Sweets. How’s things in creamy land? (Rolanda)

Fabo baby. Going real good. I heard you bought a new spot Lynn. Need my assistance on anything, just call. (Rainbo)

Thanks! I do and I will. There’s so much to do and I definitely need help. (Lynnelle)

Suga, you shoulda seen this place when I first looked in the window. I don’t know what the previous ones were thinking. I got busy on ripping out everything except the floor. Yup, I liked the floor so I kept it. Now I love the place. (Rainbo)

And it looks great. The creamy crack is good too! (Rolanda)

Well BoBo, we hate to eat and run but we have to get to the post office and then get in some retail therapy. Come on Baby Sis. Let’s go wreck a few stores. (Lynnelle)

You ain’t said nothing but a wurd. I have on my cute outfit, tennis shoes and a wallet full of your plastic. Let’s roll baby. (Rolanda)

I forgot-your name begins with “ROL!” (Lynnelle) *they all laugh and then the two sisters proceed on a quite memorable and expensive shopping spree*

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