Siblings Day At The Pumpkin Patch: The Ishikawas

Siblings Day at the Pumpkin Patch: The Ishikawas

The Ishikawa family, along with more Brenova Town Residents, are having fun.

Yesterday, the family went to the pumpkin patch at the General Store. It was “Siblings in the Patch Day” – the day set aside for older siblings or parents with two or more children to have a fun day together

Say hello again to the Ishikawa family. Magnolia and Nobuo (faithful man) Ishikawa, daughters Eiko (“long-lived child” or “splendid child”) & Akemi (beautiful dawn ) and infant son Akio (“glorious hero”) Yesterday, the family went to the pumpkin patch at the General Store. It was “Siblings in the Patch Day” – the day set aside for older siblings or parents with two or more children to have a fun day together. Eiko and Akemi are typical sisters, except for their frustrating sibling rivalry. Most times, the youngest, Akemi, starts the conflicts with her sister and then brings her parents into their disagreement; today is no difference.

(Eiko) Kemi, this is a good pumpkin, don’tcha think?

(Akemi) It’s okay Eiko but mines is betterer.

(Eiko) Whatever. I’ll ask Momma. *yelling* Momma can you please come look at my pumpkin I chose!

(Magnolia) Eiko! Why are you calling me so loudly? Just calm down and I’ll be over soon darling. *turning to her husband Nobuo* Let me go see what’s going on. I’ll be back. Just keep an eye on Akio, honey.

(Maggie) Okay….what’s so important that you had to yell?

(Eiko) Sorry momma. I just want you to see the pumpkin I chose. Do you like it?

(Maggie) Awww Eiko, this is perfecto. It’s so cute…not too big and not too small. I love it! *Akemi is getting mad*

(Akemi) No it’s not, momma! It’s too tiny and ugly! Mines is way betterer than that poopy thing!

(Maggie) Akemi! Watch your mouth and stop being so mean and disagreeable! I won’t tolerate you acting like you have no training, young lady. Now, show me your choice so we can decide.

(Akemi) I’m sorry Momma. Here it is. It’s bigger than that little one and we can make big, big pies wif mines.

(Maggie) You know Kemi, you have a point. I’ll tell you what-Let’s ask Daddy what he thinks.

(Nobuo) What’s up beautiful sunshine… what do you need from your big guy? *winking at his wife*

(Maggie) A seven figure salary, a mansion with a maid, a cook and a nanny and a fleet of cars with drivers. Other than that, you’re all I need big guy. We need you to help us choose a pumpkin baby. Can you come around here?

(Nobuo) At your service ladies. Here I come.

(Akemi) I’ll watch the baby Daddy. You go pick MY pumpkin over dair.

(Nobuo) I think I like this’s nice and big, like me. I choose this one.

(Maggie) You sure that’s the one you want? Ok. I’m sorry Eiko. *Eiko’s little heart is crushed while Akemi is getting her way again*

(Eiko) You little brat! You always get your way in everything. So what! I’ll get something better than an old ugly pumpkin and you can’t have any of what I get! So there!!

(Akemi) *satisfied with getting her way, she skips past her angry sister to hug her daddy’s legs* You’re the bestess Daddy in da whole whirl!

(Maggie) *notices the anger and extreme disappointment of her oldest daughter and tries to comfort her* Come on Eiko. Give mommy a hug. I know you’re really upset but I want you to be a big girl. Ok? Daddy chose the one he thought was best for the family. I’ll tell you what. You go around the other side and pick out the apples for the apple pie and you can eat one too. How’s that? *feelings all in check, Eiko bolts out of the patch to pick out her apples. Maggie wipes her brow, while Nobuo scratches his head in confusion *

(Nobuo) *bending over to talk to his infant son* Little man, now you see how glad I am that you’re here to be on your dad’s side! These girls are gonna drive me crazy with their fights and carrying on like sparing partners. From now on, buddy, it’s just me and my boy against the girls. *just then, Maggie realizes what her husband is feeding her son*

(Maggie) Hey big guy. I thought it used to be you and I against the world. You mean I birthed you another partner? Aww too bad; I had such high hopes for us-especially since we don’t have to worry anymore about making more babies. Guess I’ll cancel my pole dancing class, the bedroom pole install and my account with Victoria’s Secret.

(Nobuo) *realizing he may have misspoken a little bit, he assures Maggie that he’s in for the long haul* Did I say that I was gonna ditch my sweet lady? No way baby! You may as well keep all of your plans and add a few more creative one to go with them, ’cause you’re stuck with me. Got that Maggie May? *the two turn to watch their girls getting along again and then they return to kissing and loving on each other. It’s just another day with the Ishikawa family.*

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