New Beginnings: Home At Last Part 1

After retiring from active duty military, Harold and Veronica have so much to do to get things ready for the holidays and their daughter Gabriella’s long awaited homecoming.

Both entered the military straight out of high school, 27 years ago and have been stationed all around the world, many times, without their daughter. Finally, the family will be united in one place, to live how they’ve long dreamed.

(Harold) We really have to thank Pastor J for getting this tree here for us. That was real cool of him. Now, all we need is our baby girl to get home and we can move on with our lives.

Veronica) That was nice. We’ll have to invite him and his family over during the holidays. And I’m about to burst waiting for Gabby to get home. I’ll have to remember that she’s no longer our little baby girl. I can’t believe she’s 16 now. God how I wish she could’ve stayed with us while we were deployed. I feel so guilty about leaving her. *tearing up while trying to hide it from Harold. Harold knows exactly how she feels and tries to comfort her*

(Harold) Ronnie, I know it ripped your heart out to leave her, but you know we did what had to be done. She stayed with us as long as possible, but when she needed a more stable life and schools, we did what was best for her. When Patrice suggested that Gabby stay with her, we thought long and hard and took her up on her generous offer. She’s done a great job, with the help of Pastor J and the family. She, your cousin Patrice, is a godsend.

(Veronica) You’re right Harold. Thanks for bringing me back to my senses. I’m just on sensory overload, because I’m so happy that we’re finally getting to be a whole family again. We can wait for Gabby to trim the tree and to decorate the house, because she’s always loved that.

(Harold) Come on baby: let’s just sit here and chill out. We have plenty of time to get stuff done so just lay down and relax awhile. Okay?

(Veronica) *in a soft spoken voice and relieved to give up the lead for a minute, Veronica melts down while softly laying her head in Harold’s lap* Okay my love. I’m really ready for you to help me chill and relax. *takes deep breath* I’m so glad that we’re finally together again. I’ve been dreaming of this for too long.

Stay tuned for the heartfelt reunion of Gabriella and her parents here @ Brenova Town.

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