Pastry Chef Joyous Dollie and Executive Chef Mayshun Leveen are co-owners of the restaurant ABC Seafood. If you’ll recall, a few couples went to “A Big Catch Seafood” for the house shrimp speciality. Chef Leveen is the creative genius behind that dish. Now, since business is booming, they feel it’s time to bring on another, experienced, chef.

Today, the two chefs, along with Head Server Serenia Rallins, are planning to finally meet their coworker Byron’s mystery lady, before she gets away. Word is that she’s a great chef who’s looking for a change; Chef Mayshun desperately wants her on their team. However, she understands that time is of the essence and that personal relationships may stand in their way. Fortunately, they cannot allow anything to hinder them from making their move.

While the three wait to ambush Chef Larissa Tybee, restaurant manager Jakwian Blackson makes sure the dining room is in tip top condition, before opening hour. By the way, Jakwian and Byron are first cousins.

Hopefully, the two chefs and server Serenia (who has now put on her glasses to see more clearly) can at least meet Byron’s lady friend and possibly get a more formal interview/offer on the table.

Just imagine what Byron’s thoughts and mood will be after their encounter. Hmm..🤔 Will Chef Larissa Tybee be upset with her love for allowing her to be ambushed or will she be flattered by their interest in her talents. After all, they never had any desire to mix their private lives with their professional lives; now, they have to face their trepidations. How will they handle this situation? Stay tuned to see what happens.

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